Start Business in Dubai UAE : All you need to know to start a business in Dubai UAE. How to Start a Small Business in Dubai : Company Registration & Legal Obligations
Start Business in Dubai UAE : All you need to know to start a business in Dubai UAE. How to Start a Small Business in Dubai : Company Registration & Legal Obligations

Start Business in Dubai

Start Business in Dubai UAE : Starting A Business In Dubai UAE

Start Business in Dubai UAE : List of business set up consultants in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Over the last decade, the world has witnessed Dubai emerge as one of the top business destinations in the world. One of the seven emirates of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai has been very warm to investors from regional to international companies looking to set up businesses here. It is true that global recession has affected much of the world’s financial and business sectors, Dubai has continued to be a favourite to investors around the world as it remains tax free and diverse in its policy.

Benefits of Setting up a company in Dubai : The much attractive low tax system of the emirate of Dubai makes it a perfect place to set up businesses in Dubai. Whether you are a company based outside Dubai and you want to start or expand your business here, you know that it is worth it. Companies internationally or locally based have thrived in Dubai from the finance and media sectors, to construction and hospitality. The prime location of the UAE in the Middle East region where the East meets the West has been a factor of the country’s success and affluence.

Dubai is one of the fastest growing cities in the world and one of the most cosmopolitan. Dubai offers similar opportunities to that in a first world country. While the requirements depend on the type of business category you like to set up, Dubai has progressed economically over the years. With the global recession hitting several countries around the world, the safest place you can put up a business is in Dubai. Have you ever wonder why international companies from the US, the UK, and Europe all establish offices in Dubai? The benefit of setting up your company in Dubai is far beyond the luxury and liberal environment the city has to offer.

Things to know in Setting up a company in Dubai : Companies who are based internationally are given a lot of alternatives in setting up their businesses here in Dubai. There is Limited Liability Company (LLC) which allows a foreign company to become a shareholder incorporated in the UAE. The requirement is for you to look for and arrange with a local sponsor which holds 51% of the total shares of the company. After arranging with a sponsor, you will have to pay the upfront charge which is currently at AED300,000.00 paid in cash or any kind as the initial share capital should be paid prior to setting up such LLC. Other rules and regulation of the UAE Law is that a foreign selling shareholder cannot buy the shares of the sponsor.

Establishing a licensed branch office in Dubai is an alternative. The UAE requires registration to the authorities through a local agent or sponsor. The sponsor arranges all legal matters to the government thus providing assistance to registration of license, work permits, and others. This type of category in setting up a company is recognised by in the Companies Law though a sponsor goes on to govern the operation of the branch office.

Once you are a licensed branch office in the UAE, you are authorised to sponsor your staffs, lease offices, and also enter into contracts under your company’s name. The only thing that is not allowed is the import of goods as this will require cooperation with your sponsor.

The best option in setting up a business in Dubai or anywhere in the UAE is through free zones. Free Zones allow internationally and regionally-based companies full ownership of their business as well as having a single shareholder and director. In this case, an arrangement with a local sponsor is not necessary. The free zones in Dubai like Dubai Airport Free Zone, Dubai Technology, Electronic, Commerce and Media Zone, Jebel Ali Free Zone, and others are all exempted from tax system. Once established, you can sponsor or issue work permits, arrange licenses with free zone authorities. At the moment, there are more than 10,000 companies who have been established in one of the free zones in the UAE. They enjoy no restrictions in profits, wages, repatriation, and transfer of capital.

Start Business in Dubai

Start Business in Dubai : List of business set up consultants in Dubai with contact details including company names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top business setup companies in Dubai UAE. Online yellow pages UAE providing complete details of business setup consultants in Dubai UAE. Find out more information on business setup companies in Dubai on Yellow Pages UAE. Yellow Pages Dubai is the leading Dubai business directory for business setup companies in Dubai UAE.

Worldwide Formations

WorldWide Formations is a specialized and dedicated company that offers professional services to businesses, industries and individuals who decide to register companies in the United Arab Emirates. With more than a decade of experience in company formations, we are considered one of the pioneers in this field in the UAE. We work very closely with all Free Zones across UAE and are a one-stop solution for all aspects related to company formations including but not restricted to: incorporation of companies in UAE free zones, incorporation of international and offshore companies in UAE, incorporation of traditional LLC companies in non free zone jurisdictions, residence & employment visas, legal documentation, including preparation of memorandum, articles of association, related resolutions etc, setting up bank accounts in prime banks, virtual office facility (telephone and fax specific to your company with prestigious locations in Dubai and office structure setup in Dubai.

Worldwide Formations
Company Location : Office 611 & Lobby Level, The Fairmont Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, UAE
Company Telephone Number : +97143555700, +971558197999
Area: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai
Emirate: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P.O Box : 33964 Dubai UAE
Company Fax Number : +971-4-3545600
Company website:
Company Email Address:
Category : Business Setup Companies

Professional Choice Business Setup Services

Professional Choice Business Setup Services is a leading business setup consultancy in Dubai provides Offshore, Mainland and Freezone Company Formation, Company Registration in Dubai UAE. We are a team of dedicated, proactive and experienced professionals providing exceptional services for business formation. We are arguably the most affordable and unparalleled company formation & registration service providers. Starting a business in Dubai UAE becomes easy and hassle free with our concerted experienced assistance. We believe in converting the lengthy and difficult administrative processes into a swift drive for our customers.

Professional Choice Business Setup Services
Company Location : Hamarain Center, Dubai, UAE
Company Telephone Number : +971-4-2679227
Area: Hamarain Center, Dubai
Emirate: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
P.O Box : 186641 Dubai UAE
Company Fax Number : +971-4-2679127
Company website:
Company Email Address:
Category : Business Setup Companies

Point 2 Point Business Services

Business Setup, LLC Registration, Start Company in offshore Dubai UAE. Point 2 Point Business Services aims to provide its clients with a clear and precise picture on how to incorporate and operate a business in Dubai whether for Free Zone, Onshore or Offshore UAE-based companies. Through our wide banking network and as a trusted introducer, Point 2 Point Business Services is also able to assist in the opening of UAE-based offshore and onshore corporate bank accounts for Dubai company formations. Offering a complete package-once the Dubai-based company has been incorporated-we are also able to guide clients, step-by-step through the immigration process which includes applying for UAE residence visas. By having Point 2 Point Business Services take care of the Dubai company formation and bank account opening procedures from A to Z, our clients can rest assured that all administrative processes are being properly handled allowing them to focus primarily on the development of their company’s business strategy.

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  1. Start Your Business in Dubai UAE – Dubai gives easy access to 1.5 billion populations in three different regions of the world. A business location with one of the largest port connecting 140 ports in 6 continents. A global city with cosmopolitan culture and the tax-free business environment. A city which is home for 42,000 millionaires with the lowest crime rate. One of the world’s safest cities with 365 days of sunshine. What else anybody wants in a business location. Dubai offers you everything you expect. The city is equipped with world class infrastructure, vigorous transportation, proficient workforce and magnanimous urban amenities.

    Dubai has been ranked among the top five global cities for entrepreneurs, according to the latest report by Knight Frank. Consumer Confidence Index (CCI) in Dubai is higher than cities like New York, London, Bangkok, Paris, Tokyo & Milan. The consumer confidence index is known as a reliable indicator of consumer sentiment on the economic situation.

    To start any business one need Resources (financial resources, energy resources, human resources), Infrastructure, Transportation, Buyers and above all Secure and Safe place. Here are 5 reasons why Dubai still is the best place for Starting a business.

    This city is free from communal riots, aggressive demonstration, agitation. Although it’s a geopolitical hot spot but due to alertness and smartness of security forces the country has secured 5th rank on security parameters in Asia-pacific countries, as per Pinkerton Risk Index report (Pinkerton is the leading provider of risk management services). The report also revealed some more positive points about human safety in UAE like UAE has the lowest incidence of tuberculosis and also lowest per capita natural disaster deaths.

    Dubai police are equipped with latest technology gadgets. They can closely observe every activity in the city without disturbing people. Dubai police fleet includes Ferrari, Lamborghini & Bentley. The crime rate in Dubai is very low. UAE is among the safest country to do business.

    Dubai enjoys the position of a significant player in international trading and transport logistics. It has the advantage of its inherent strategic location on the globe. Dubai is in the middle of far east and Europe and situated at the crossroad of international trade between east and west. Due to its geographical location, Dubai is considered to be the gateway to the world’s most progressive markets, including Africa, India and china.

    Dubai offers immense facilities in air transportation and air cargo. Dubai has two airports Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central (Al Maktoum International Airport). Dubai international airport is one of the busiest international airports in the world. It has world’s largest cargo hub known as cargo village, most of the cargos for Asia & Africa are using this cargo village. Dubai world central is operational now. DWC is located in Dubai South District which is also future home for expo 2020 site. Once completed and start operation in full capacity it will become world’s largest airport and multi-model logistic hub with the capacity of 160 million passengers and 12 million tons of cargo per year. DWC has one more specialty. It has world’s only 7- star airport terminal for private aviation.

    Dubai’s Jebel Ali Port is the largest port in the middle east, it is likely to become the biggest container port in the world. The government of Dubai and DP world are working on the expansion plan of Jebel Ali Port. According to the official statement, the current plan will multiply the total capacity of Jebel Ali port by seven, making it world’s biggest port, surpassing the ports of shanghai and Singapore. India and china are using it as a logistical hub for their African ventures. Due to its strategic location port is providing market access over 2 billion people across six continents. It is a gateway for over 90 shipping services connecting 140 ports in the world.

    The strategic geographical location and facilities made it the busiest port in the middle east, according to a research report revealed by based on statics of 2015. Port Jebel Ali is linked to Dubai’s express-way system and to the Dubai international airport cargo village. The rapid transportation facilities available in Dubai made it possible to achieve ship-air and air-ship connectivity in four hours. Dubai has two more ports Port Rashid and Al Hamriya.

    Dubai has one of the best road infrastructures in the world. According to world economic forum’s travel and tourism report (2013), the UAE has been rated second best in the quality of roads. Dubai is known for wide roads with disciplined traffic and centralized monitoring system by high-tech cameras and radar. The Dubai metro is world’s largest automated driverless train system, with more than 70 Km of magnetic tracks. Shaikh Hamdan Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Dubai Crown Prince, yesterday (Monday) laid the foundation stone for the metro Route 2020. The project is expected to be ready by 2018. Soon Dubai will enjoy connectivity with 1200 km long Etihad Railway Network. This network will connect all major population, trade and industrial zones across UAE. This will fulfil freight & passenger needs. Dubai will be connected with GCC rail network also. GCC railway is 2,117 km long rail network this will connect all six countries of gulf corporation counsel. Transportation of goods will become easy for UAE, Saudi Arab, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman. The Dubai government is developing 500 Km road network and 120 multilevel interchanges by investing $ 12 billion. The development work is expected to complete before expo 2020.

    Dubai has abundance resources. You will never feel scarcity of any resource. Top quality human resource, Economic energy resource, world’s best infrastructure and communication technology is available in Dubai. UAE’s mobile service provider Etisalat is now working on 5G services. Etisalat is going to be the first telecommunication company who is closed to provide 5G services to its customers.

    Sound professionals from 200 different countries of the world are living in Dubai. You can easily get work-force from interns to veteran profession of every domain. IT, civil engineering, Designing, health care, academics etc. Labours are also easily available in Dubai.

    Petroleum, natural gas, crude oil & other petrochemical products are available at economic prices in Dubai. Electricity is also available for industries & manufacturing units. This city has never faced electric power cut even though it had happened once in the United State of America.

    Dubai international financial centre is providing hundreds of opportunity to the people with financial acumen. DIFC is Gulf’s premier financial market. It is the preferred location for investors, financiers, accountants. DIFC privately possess a financial exchange Dubai NASDAQ. Now it is competing with other big global financial hubs like New York, London, Singapore, and Hong-Kong. Recently UAE has witnessed the merger of FGB (first gulf bank) and NBAD (National bank of Abu Dhabi). This merger has resulted in the creation of biggest bank in MENA region. This merger will bring a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs in Dubai also.

    Dubai is very well located for cross-country trade. If you are in Dubai you can easily trade with the Gulf, African and Asian countries. You can reach up to 1.5 billion populations in the range of 3000 km & you will get the chance to showcase your work in front of international buyers. Every month Dubai is hosting 5 to 6 trade shows or international exhibitions. By participating in these events you can network with international companies and you will explore more opportunities without disturbing regular operations. The government has announced the establishment of Dubai wholesale city. The new establishment augments the emirate’s position among the cities which matter for the big business. Dubai Chamber of Commerce reported registering 8,000 new companies in the first 6 months of 2016. The growing number is a clear indicator that Dubai is still an attractive destination for global investors.

    Dubai and UAE as a whole is a tax-free business environment whether it is free zone or mainland Dubai has zero corporate and income tax on businesses. Dubai Government is passing legislations to open more and more tax-free zones to support different industries. The government is providing world-class urban amenities to the residents. This country allows you to start a business, provides infrastructure to nourish, give facilities to spread it across the globe. Dubai has a lot of options for leisure to enjoy the money and again great opportunities to invest the money. Dubai’s economy has evolved on the back of business-friendly regulations. The city has become a popular destination for wealthy individuals because Dubai gives them the freedom to enjoy and invest their money. The presence of HNWI’s in Dubai is also an additional advantage for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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