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Homeopathy Clinics Dubai : List of the Homeopathy Clinics with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai.
Homeopathy Clinics Dubai : List of the Homeopathy Clinics with Contact Details & Location Map. Top Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai.

Homeopathy Clinics Dubai

Homeopathy Clinics Dubai : List of the best Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai with Contact Details including Homeopathy Clinic names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. What can homeopathy offer you for better, improved health? Homeopathy is not well known globally, although it is very well known in some countries. So not many people know of it’s incredible healing abilities.

Let’s first look at why homeopathy is very well known in countries such as India and Cuba. Neither of these countries are wealthy, and this is one of the important keys. Homeopathic treatment is highly cost effective. It is not expensive treatment. So poor people can still afford to be homeopathically treated. It does not require surgery, and so all the associated skills and expenses that accompany surgery are not needed under homeopathic treatment. This is less taxing both on your body and your wallet.

The use of some of the common homeopathic remedies can be learned by lay-people easily. This means that you can treat yourself at home for many minor ailments and even serious ones, often considered too serious in other modalities of health care. Homeopathic treatment has no side effects. No harm can come to you if the wrong treatment is used. But a complete reversal of your ailments can occur with the appropriate treatment.

Because homeopathy works by raising your immune system, you experience immediate relief of symptoms. This means that you need no convalescent period, other than for the ailment itself. You don’t need time to recover from the treatment. No invasive or damaging tests are required because homeopathic treatment is based on your symptoms and the cause. Everyone can be successfully treated – the non-believers, the very young, the very old, the frail, the very sick, animals.

Every disease, every ailment, whether mental, emotional or physical can be successfully treated by homeopathy. This is because homeopathy treats you, the person with the problem, rather than the problem. Nothing is too minor or too serious for successful homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai

Homeopathy Clinics Dubai : List of the Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai with contact details including Homeopathy Clinic names, contact details, telephone numbers, email addresses, websites, location map, driving directions, deals, offers, prices, costs, coupons, vouchers, reviews and ratings. Top Homeopathy Clinics in Dubai UAE.

1. Charly Polyclinic

Location & Address: Next to Sana Bldg, Karama, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3379191
P.O.Box: 7837

2. Dubai Homeopathy Health Centre

Location & Address: Villa 756, Opp Park N Shop, Al Wasl Rd, Jumeirah, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3953333
P.O.Box: 211571

3. Good Living Medical Centre

Location & Address: M 12-13, Block B, Opp Union Flag, Shk Hamdan Awards Complex, Jumeirah, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3546060
P.O.Box: 27397

4. Harley International Medical Clinic

Location & Address: D-103, Nashwan Bldg, Mankhool Area, Bur Dubai, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3986677
P.O.Box: 34801
Categories: General Clinics | Homeopathy Clinics

5. Holistic Healing Medical Centre

Location & Address: Villa 783, Jumeirah Beach Rd, Umm Seqeuim 2, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3487172
P.O.Box: 53420

6. Mohamed Iqbal Homeopathiq Medical Center

Location & Address: Development Board Bldg, Karama, Dubai
Telephone Number: +971 4-3965700
P.O.Box: 117601

Homeopathy Dubai

What is homeopathy and how can it help you? Let’s start with what homeopathy is. It is a natural system of health care that was formed into its present day structure by a German doctor over 200 years ago. The man was Dr Samuel Hahnemann and he was a highly intelligent man, being fluent in several languages and a chemist, amongst other attributes.

After graduating as a doctor, he quickly became disillusioned by the limitations as well as the harm, medicine was doing to people. (It is doubtful that he would have different views in today’s ‘advanced’ medical practices.) He found he could not continue to treat people, while harming them, so he gave up practicing as a doctor.

To keep his family, he started translating medical texts into German. And it was in an English text that he came across an ancient reference (around 2,000 years old) to the idea that ‘like cures like’. This interested him, so he further investigated it, experimenting on himself.

In essence, this is the principle behind homeopathy. It means that what symptoms appear, as a result of taking the medicine, in a healthy person, will cure in an unhealthy person with the same symptoms. ‘Like cures like’. He devoted the rest of his life to treating people with this new system of medicine, to teaching other doctors about it and to refining its principles and practices.

The principles of homeopathy are rock solid, based on natural laws. This is unprecedented in other fields of medicine, most of which have no foundation. Although new medicines are constantly being added to our materia medica, and adjustments are being made as our understanding becomes clearer, the foundation of homeopathy can never change. You cannot change natural laws.

Homeopathic treatment treats you as a whole person. It is less interested in your individual problem as in you as a whole person and what was happening in your life when the problem started. In other words, the treatment looks for the original cause. This will be emotional in many cases. For example, a shocking experience can lead to chronic high blood pressure. Deep grief can lead to depression. Physical trauma can lead to panic attacks.

The way the treatment works is by stimulating your immune system. The unresolved emotional problem has created a blockage whereby you can no longer cure yourself, a natural ability with a healthy immunity. Once the blockage has been removed, you are now able to cure you.

Homeopathic treatment is almost always oral – you take it in your mouth. It is usually in the form of pillules (small pills) or liquid. It makes no difference what form it is in. A single dose, or many doses, may be required, depending on you, the problem, the treatment to date, the time you have had the problem, and various other factors. Once the past hurt has been resolved, the treatment can be stopped and the problem will not recur. This means that good homeopathic treatment is permanent.

The cause is not always possible to find, especially if it occurred in the dim and distant past. In these cases, your personal symptoms are used, which are often subtle. As an example, almost everyone who suffers with arthritis will have a stiffness in their joints at some time. But some people have the stiffness on initial movement, some at the end of the day. Some feel improvement with cold, some with heat. There are many subtle variations to every condition.

Because the treatment is all about you and undoing past deep hurts, as well as your very personal and unique symptoms, the treatment is also very personal. This is how treatment should be. One size doesn’t fit all. Homeopathic treatment is natural, safe, free from side effects, powerful, yet gentle. Deep pathology, that goes back generations, can be finally laid to rest. There is no condition that homeopathy can’t help with. Animals can be treated with equal success. Even plants benefit from the appropriate homeopathic treatment.

Homeopathy is very ‘green’. There are no animal experiments. There are no environmentally polluting procedures. Although most of what has been discussed above, would require a trained homeopath to treat successfully, there is another side to homeopathy. Many of the common remedies don’t need much knowledge to use them effectively. For example, almost everyone knows the ability of Arnica to treat the effects of injury and trauma. However, few know the depth and breadth of its ability.

There are about 40 common remedies that you can learn to use at home successfully, without spending years of training. They can treat conditions such as pain, cramp, colic, shock, injury, bites, burns, strains, sprains, hangovers, food poisoning, headaches, menstrual problems and many more. However, it is advisable to get some form of coaching, as the principles and concepts of homeopathy are different from almost every other type of healing. And it is often the prompt treatment of an ailment, that can only happen within minutes of the problem occurring, that can make the difference to a full recovery or only a partial one, if one at all.

Homeopathy Dubai

Just exactly what is homeopathy and how can it help you and your family? Although homeopathy is well known in many parts of the world, there are some countries where it is less well known. Let’s look at what it is and how it can help your health and that of your family.

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on natural laws. This means it does not suppress your symptoms. It helps your body achieve what it is trying to do. It works in the same direction as your body. Homeopathic treatment treats the whole of you, not just the parts. When you become unhealthy or suffer from a health problem, it means that your immune system cannot work at its optimum levels. This intangible part of you is responsible for preventing disease and for the rapid healing of any health problem that can’t be prevented, such as an accident.

However, few people take sufficient care of this essential, non-physical aspect of themselves, so ill health results. Homeopathy works by rebalancing your immune system, so that it can now do its job as it was designed to do. It is unlikely that there is any system of health care, natural or otherwise, which works as fast as homeopathy in achieving this. Sometimes, you can feel the effect in minutes.

Homeopathic treatment is totally safe. No harm can come to you, even when inappropriate treatment is used. There are no side effects, no toxic load. Although the skills of a professional homeopath are invaluable in treating stubborn or deep-seated health problems, you can learn to use some common remedies at home, without spending months studying.

Homeopathy Dubai

When people become interested in natural health and hear about homeopathy, the first question is invariably, what is homeopathy? Few people really understand what homeopathy is. It is yet to become a household and familiar term. This article is an attempt to give you greater understanding. But first, let’s examine energy. Without energy, life would be impossible. But you can’t see energy. It can be difficult to measure energy, too. How do you measure the potential energy that you have to say, run a marathon?

There are many different ways of energy expression. Colour is one of them. Take the colour yellow. Yellow is a lively colour, one that has a high level of energy. It is also considered to be a healing colour, perhaps because of the high energy. Blue has a calming effect. The blue sky or sea exudes peace and tranquility. By combining the peace of blue with the vigour or high energy of yellow, the colour green is created. This has a different feel to it, one of new growth, of nature, the promise of new life.

Sound has energy. This varies not just with the volume of sound, but the pitch also has a different feel to it. And of course, the combination of the different notes of sound creates music. Everyone knows the effect of music on them – some music lifting your spirits, other music creating a sad or melancholy mood. The list of the effects of unseen, intangible energy is endless – the sun on your skin, the visual impact of the aftermath of tsunami or an earthquake, the sound of silence.

Now let’s look closer to home. What would be the biggest difference between you and someone who has just died, aside from any character differences? You still have energy, the person who has just died, no longer has the energy of life. So whilst humanity doesn’t really understand energy, we do appreciate that it is essential to life.

Homeopathic remedies, or medicines, are made by capturing the energy of the source, but allowing the physical properties to disperse. This can be best explained with an example. Alkaloids are the poisonous parts of poisonous plants. Anything poisonous has high levels of energy, often enough to kill. A homeopathic medicine made from a poisonous plant captures the energy of the poison, while relinquishing the poison itself. This makes it not only totally safe to ingest, but also another property exists.

Practically everyone has either experienced the effect of coffee on themselves, or know people who have. Coffee is a stimulant, which keeps you awake, if you are sensitive to it (not everyone is). This is the effect of coffee in its physical form. But when you take away this physical property (by making a homeopathic medicine from it), you are left with the energetic property only. Almost invariably, this is the opposite to the physical properties. So the homeopathic form of coffee, known as Coffea, has a calming effect on over excited people.

This means that, for the appropriate medicine to work for you, your symptoms must match those of the medicine. Coffea is only an appropriate medicine for someone in an over-excited state, such as a small child on the eve of their birthday or Christmas. They can’t sleep because they are too excited. Coffea will calm them, allowing sleep (for you as well as the excited child!).

This follows the essential homeopathic principle of ‘like cures like’ which must be observed for the medicine to be effective. There is no quick answer to the question ‘what is homeopathy’, other than perhaps it is a natural form of complete health care. When humans understand energy better, there will be a better appreciation and understanding of homeopathy, too. In the meantime, be happy that is does work!

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