Business Setup Services in Dubai UAE : Company Registration in Dubai UAE. Guide to Dubai Company Registration, Starting a Business in a Free Zone & Cost of Setting Up Business in Dubai UAE
Business Setup Services in Dubai UAE : Company Registration in Dubai UAE. Guide to Dubai Company Registration, Starting a Business in a Free Zone & Cost of Setting Up Business in Dubai UAE

Business Setup Services in Dubai

Business Setup Services in Dubai : Guide to Company Registration in Dubai

Business Setup Services in Dubai UAE : Planning to start a business in Dubai UAE? Would like to make the first step of setting up your business in UAE, do with the group of a top and qualified professionals. Forming a business in United Arab Emirates’s soil is a great decision when you are in a right hand of consultation. Because business set-up in any emirates in UAE is involved with a dozen of paper work and clear cut answer for a group who, why, how and what type questions. But you can relax on your couch while our agents run for your steps with a deep insight, guidance from our qualified mentors and legal professionals. We always here to make your formation process quick and strong by the best legal consultation. We will assist your business from the day you think about it to the full form of working condition.

Every day, hundreds of business people from all across the world is flying to Dubai for establishing their dream venture. This magnetic effect is because Emirates offer a very warm welcome for the one who arrive with a business mind. The UAE has a wide variety of business types that will fit everyone’s need. Different types of business formation options available in UAE law like, Free Zone, LLC, Offshore etc. We are proud of our professionalism & ability to find the right solution for you.

Advantages of starting a business in Dubai UAE

Dubai Business benefits – UAE is known for it’s luxury, lifestyle, and business atmosphere, which they gained during the past 40 years by vice action of visionary and legend rulers. United Arab Emirates (UAE) are a confederation of seven small emirates which was a small trading community, but now a paradise for tourists as well as business peoples. Dubai is the perfect gateway between Eastern and Western countries.

In terms of economy, the UAE is one of the top stabilized economic zone in all the GCC countries. Investment laws, regulations and incentives are continually improving to encourage further foreign investment. UAE is a global market for selling your goods or product as well as finding man power for fueling your business is also easier. Highly skilled and talented professionals from all over the world is available in the UAE. Bottom line, if you wish to start a business venture, then Dubai/UAE is the ideal place.

  • ZERO PERCENT TAX – United Arab Emirates does not have any enforced federal income tax legislation for general business. That is the prime reason of booming business growth in that country.
  • VERY LOW IMPORT DUTY – Duty rates in UAE vary from 0% to 100%, with an average duty rate of 4.61%. Some goods can be imported free of duty, include laptop, mobile phones and other electronic gadgets.
  • DOUBLE TAXATION AGREEMENTS – Double Taxation Agreements in United Arab Emirates are for avoidance of double taxation and the prevention of fiscal evasion with respect to taxes on income and on capital.
  • FREE TRADE AGREEMENTS – Custom tariffs and non-custom barriers are avoided or decreased on the exchange of goods and services among the signatories of the trade agreements
  • STRONG AND COMPETITIVE ECONOMY – Dubai or United Arab Emirates economy is very strong, stabilized and booming, so investing in UAE market will never be a reason for regretting
  • WORLD-CLASS INFRASTRUCTURE – Most modern facilities and infrastructures for empowering your business will never be a matter in the UAE. Internet, electricity, land, building, transportation, etc. is the best class in UAE.

So getting this tremendous benefit to low risk by establishing a firm in the UAE is not so hard. Make a call or just an enquiry using our web forms, that’s it. Our agents will be with you in a minute. And from there you’ll be in a hands of excellent professionals. We’ll take care of your legal and administrative steps for the formation of your business.

Free Trade Zones in Dubai UAE

Here is the list and details of free trade zones under the most powerful and attractive business city in entire GCC countries, that is nothing but Dubai. Make your choice depending on the nature of business that you are planning for. It is a fact that, Dubai is known for its business friendly atmosphere and safe and luxurious life culture. The government and rulers have been implemented a lot felicities as well as infrastructural developments to attract foreign investors from all across the world for the last 40 years. The Dubai city is a pride of entire United Arab Emirates, because of its growth in all the sectors. With a hundreds of skyscrapers, this city is not only just beautiful, but also a heaven for the one who looking for a leisure trip.

When speaking about business, free trade zones have been playing a great role to attract foreign money to Dubai’s soil. There are more than 20 free trade zones are operating inside the Dubai emirate. Each of the free zones in Dubai having its own advantages and limitations. Even though the most famous and biggest free zone in Dubai is the Multi Commodities Centre also know as DMCC. What makes the free trade zones unique from other business locations, is its custom rules and policies that designed to support businesses with a great level.

Advantages of Dubai Free Zones

As mentioned above, free zones are actually an economy, business zone, which is built by aiming the foreign business investors. So that it’s offering a lot of facilities also a great level of relaxation in all the rules and regulations to ensure it is a heaven like place for foreign businessmen.

– 100 percent foreign ownership
– Tax exceptions for long years
– 25 years of property ownership by lease
– Exceptions for import and export duties
– 100 percent repatriation of capital and profits
– Legal formalities and processes are very smooth and quicker
– Getting resources for business is easier

List of Popular Free Zones in Dubai

  • DUBAI AIRPORT FREE ZONE – The Dubai Airport Freezone Authority (DAFZA) is an organization that deals with import and export trades and services. DAFZA is established in 1996 by the Dubai government.
  • DUBAI CARS AND AUTOMOTIVE ZONE – Dubai cars and automotive zone, also known as Dubai Auto Zone is a free trade zone, which is mainly focusing industries that serving automotive products and services. This Auto zone has been founded on April 2000.
  • DUBAI HEALTHCARE CITY – As its name indicates, the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC) is a healthcare related free zone located in Dubai. DHCC was launched in 2002 by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum.
  • DUBAI INTERNATIONAL ACADEMIC CITY – Dubai International Academic City (DIAC) is also a free trade zone established in May 2006 for supporting the growth of schools, colleges and universities inside the Dubai.
  • DUBAI INTERNET CITY – Dubai Internet City (DIC) is an information technology related business free trade zone, which was founded in 1999 by the government of Dubai.
  • DUBAI INTERNATIONAL FINANCIAL CENTRE – Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) is a free zone established in 2002 and its operations started by 2004. The DIFC has been founded for empowering the growth of financial institutions in Dubai.
  • DUBAI KNOWLEDGE VILLAGE – Dubai Knowledge Village is a human resources management, professional learning and educational free trade zone campus located in Dubai, UAE.
  • DUBAI MEDIA CITY – Media city was founded by the government of Dubai for accelerating the growth of the media business and activities like news agencies, publishing, online media, advertising, production, and broadcast facilities, etc. in Dubai on 2000.
  • DUBAI GOLD AND DIAMOND PARK – Dubai Gold and Diamond Park is located in Dubai, UAE. It was established in May 2001. Spreading 511,343 Sq.feet (Phase 1), it is located 20 km from Dubai International Airport
  • DUBAI MULTI COMMODITIES CENTRE – DMCC is a very popular free zone authority which is located in Jumeirah Lakes Towers which was established in 2002. As of June 2013, it had over 6,800 registered members.
  • DUBAI SILICON OASIS – Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) free trade zone is a Dubai government initiative founded in 2004. DSO is wholly owned by the Government of Dubai providing both a living and working integrated community.
  • INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PRODUCTION ZONE – The International Media Production Zone (IMPZ) is a free zone and freehold area that caters to media production companies. Spreading over an area of 43,000,000 square feet.
  • JEBEL ALI FREE ZONE – Jebel Ali Free Zone (Jfza) is also a free zone setup located in the western end of Dubai named Jabal Ali area. JFZA was established in 1985 with standard size office units and warehouses to provide ready built facilities to customers
  • DUBAI WORLD CENTRAL – Dubai World Central is the development currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It will be an economic zone to support a number of activities including logistics, aviation, commercial, exhibition, humanitarian, residential and other related businesses around Al Maktoum International Airport.

Company Registration in Dubai

The steps or processes for getting your business registered under Dubai government is actually very simple. Find the 8 steps that will be enough to start a business in Dubai.

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